Class Eleven



Class 11 is a “Karate Kid meets Ferrari v Ford” fast-paced racing adventure for the whole family. After his senior year of high school, Alex Martinez is nearly arrested. An attempt to steal beers to impress his friends results in a high speed, off-road chase with the police. The next morning, Alex finds himself without a job and in trouble with the law. As punishment, his father forces him to sell him UTV and spend the rest of the summer with him extended family in Mexico.

Once in Mexico, Alex learns of his family’s history as one of the original teams to race stock Volkswagen Bugs in the Baja 1000. When a successful businessman offers to invest in the family business to save it from bankruptcy, Alex must step up for his family and learn a new way of driving off-road, in order to survive the most dangerous race in North America and cross the finish line in one piece.

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