Keys To Life

Written and Directed by Kent Loomer.

A loving father decides to leave everything to his only daughter; now he has to find the guts to tell her.

Currently in Film Festivals – 2018
Aug 16-19 – Film Shoot in Seattle
Sept 13-16 – Gig Harbor Film Festival
Sept 21-23 – Port Townsend Film Festival
Oct 11-13 – Sho Low AZ Film Festival
Oct 26-28 – Friday Harbor Film Festival
Nov 2-4 – Southeastern International Film Festival – Nashville TN

Climb-It Change

Directed by AJ Winslow.

Climb-It Change brings the worlds of conservation science and outdoor recreation together. This film tells the story of researchers Trevor Bloom and Matt Kneipp as they traversed and rock climbed the entire Rocky Mountain chain investigating the impact of climate change and increased wildfires on high elevation environments.

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Prisoner of War

Written and Directed by Matthew Sanders.

Questioned by a sadistic interrogator, an American detainee is initially able to resist the line of questioning until his captors begin to implement enhanced interrogation techniques which take the detainee to his breaking point, forcing him to confess and take responsibility for his actions during the Iraq War.

Jury Award for excellence in filmmaking – South Dakota Film Festival

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Beating Baja

Beating Baja

Produced and Directed by Jim Pidgeon & Diego Castello. Cinematography by Chris Koser.