Freedom’s Path

Writer/Director: Brett Smith
Freedom’s Path, tells the story of William Anderson, a young man who runs away from home to join the Union army near the end of the American Civil War. Thrust into a bloody battle, William is injured and flees from the skirmish. He is discovered by Kitch, a run-away slave, and his band of friends. Taking pity on the wounded soldier, Kitch risks everything to get William deep within the woods to the safety of his adopted home. William soon discovers that his rescuer is part of a secret community of freed slaves, aiding escaped black “fugitives” North via The Underground Railroad.
Despite his prejudices, William attempts to pay back Kitch’s kindness by assisting in the nefarious efforts. However, William’s wounds become the least of his worries when the unruly, psychotic, Confederate slave-catcher Silas Jacobs discovers the boys’ underground network… bringing the realities of war and the harshness of life crashing down on both William and Kitch. It is here, that William’s world is changed forever, an imprint beard deep into his soul, by a slave who teaches him just what it is to be free—what it is to be human.

Currently In Post – Release Date: 2021

The Dawgfather: The Legacy of Don James

Director: Kent Loomer

“The Dawgfather: The Legacy of Don James” tells the story of a humble man from a small town in Ohio whose impact as a coach and mentor not only changed the landscape of college football but also created lasting change through the men he coached. 

This film looks at the values James learned as a child, how he applied them to his coaching philosophy, and how he was able to pass his processes onto the coaches and players who looked up to him.

Currently In Production – Release date: 2021

Red Tide

Red Tide

Writers – Chris Donaldson and Brain Young
Director – Brian Young

A Marine Biologist and her research team discover a radioactive ship washed ashore from the Japanese Tsunami, and find themselves in a fight for their lives against a mutant creature that could destroy the world. Will you be next?  |


Currently pre-production
– Filming in 2022

Baja 1000

Class Eleven

Writer/Director: Jim Pidgeon

A stranger in his home land, Paul is forced to live with his extended family in Baja Mexico. He is introduced to the world of off-road racing in and discovers his roots.

In Development. Filming in 2021


Into the Lavender Creases of Evening

Writer: Josh Young
Director: Caleb Young

On a camping trip with her best friend, Nat reveals that she is going to end her life. Jeremy, unwilling to accept this, attempts to changer her mind. In the midst of an argument, they witness a man dumping a body and have to run for their lives, while the man tracks their every move. Currently seeking distribution and submitting to film festivals.  A Lines and Blood Film.


Released in 2015
Director: Caleb Young